Saturday 12/04/14 Day Out with Baby Tira and Baby Mid ❤❤
Finally , roommates photo session . Nurul Nadia Anisa bt Norazman , Nurul Nadira bt Abu Bakar , Nurul Farah Ain bt Anuwar and Nurul Nabila bt Mohd Nabil . Nadia already went back home since she have finish her foundation in TESL for this sem . The first month is an awkward moment for the four of us to communicate but after sometimes , we match ourselves well . This sem really gives so many memories to each of us . We baked our cake using rice cooker , make spaghetti , watches movie together and one thing that always be our conversation topic ; Running Man . Then we have an additional roommate , Siti Norain who always mix up with our crazy babbling and talking . Thank you dear roomies for being here and being the people who always make me laugh crazily at night . We will not meet again next sem , I’ll be moving to Jasin , Ain to Seremban 3 , Nadia will be waiting for Degree and Nanad is the only one who will stay in Lendu . Treat your new roomies well Nanad but do not forget us . Love from TSJ2105 ❤ (at Tun Senaja 2105)
Happy 19th Birthday dear Amalina Atira bt Kaharudin 🎂 May Allah bless your life dear twins dear friend ! I love you ❤❤❤
Starting in 40 hours and 23 minutes from now . 27th of March , 0900 hours , BEL260 , Dewan Taming Sari UiTM Melaka .
It says ENDED , not CRASHED , fellow people , do pray for positive . still there’s lights of hope even though just as tiny as it can be . Ya Allah , save the passengers and cabin crew of Flight MH370 . #PrayForMH370
From Lendu with LOVE 💘
@mark_tuan oppa , I believe we have some same Cony ‘Line’ Doll . What an honour 🐰👌 
“Come and get it , GOT7!”
Successful Programmer and Presentator 💻👍
What the hell B.A.P in Frozen’s costumes ? And Baby Zelo as Sven the Reindeer ? puahahaha daebak to whose edited this 👌
Done dinner at Danish Bistro 🍜❤